​Rachel's recruitment journey commenced in the United Kingdom, where she gained extensive experience across various sectors, ranging from Facilities Management to FMCG and Aerospace. Now, she's bringing her expertise to the vibrant Australian job market, with a focus on the White-Collar Rolling Stock sector that spans the entire East Coast.

Rachel's passion for recruitment is driven by her love for networking and her knack for connecting with new faces. Her outgoing and personable nature make her an ideal fit for the recruitment field, where building relationships is paramount.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Rachel leads an active and spirited life. She's an avid netball enthusiast, showcasing her skills and team spirit by joining not one, but two teams in her new Australian home. Her dedication to the sport reflects her commitment to teamwork and success.

Rachel's heart also belongs to Nottingham Forest, where her unwavering support for the team transcends borders. Her loyalty to the club is a testament to her character and dedication.

With her wealth of recruitment experience, passion for networking, and commitment to excellence, Rachel is ready to help clients and candidates alike in the White-Collar Rolling Stock market. Whether you're seeking top talent or looking for your dream job, Rachel is here to make connections that count. Welcome, Rachel!