​I am a Recruitment Consultant specializing in the Rail Industry for Queensland, specifically blue-collar work.

With a background in Sales/Management and expertise in KPIs, Budgets, and Business Development, I bring extensive experience to my role. I thrive on developing effective sales strategies and building strong client and candidate relationships.

Beyond my professional pursuits, I have a deep appreciation for art, photography, and the outdoors. What truly fuels my motivation is the opportunity to connect with people and make a positive impact on their lives. Working for a people-centred company allows me to align my passion for helping others with my professional skills. I hold a strong belief in the power of collaboration and continuous learning. I stay informed about industry trends and best practices to ensure I provide the highest level of service and guidance to both job seekers and employers. My commitment to excellence and my genuine desire to support others make me an ideal partner in the recruitment process.

If you are seeking a dedicated and results-oriented Recruitment Consultant in the Rail Industry, let's connect and work together to achieve your goals.