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Job advertisements that attract the right candidates

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Job advertisements that attract the right candidates

The current job market is competitive, sourcing the best candidates is difficult. But with a job description that nails what the position entails and the specific skills required, you will be sure to attract quality candidates! Here at 2XM Recruit, we have devised a list of points you should consider when creating a job listing. Read more to find out what you need to do to recruit that ideal candidate!

You want to sell your company to the potential candidate. Do you play table tennis every lunch? Are your employees willing to go above and beyond for their team mates? Is there a strong relationship between the boss and other workers? 

According to Indeed.com, 72% of job seekers say that it is important to see details of company culture in a job listing. Therefore, if a candidate is unsure about the company culture, it is likely that they may not even apply for the job. Also, this could run the risk of losing your star employee.

It is important to think about what phrases are important to your job description. Put yourself in the shoes of the job seeker: what would they be searching for? The best way to answer these questions is to brainstorm out loud with other members in the team. Another option is to use free keyword research tools online to obtain a more extensive list of what candidates may be looking for. 

Out of all the keywords, the job title is the most important one. It will be what appears on Google, and search engines weigh the title heavily when determining where it should appear. Biggest tip here: avoid using jargon or internal titles as this may confuse an outsider applying for the position. 

Top candidates will only apply to a job ad that is well-thought-out. It is vital to ensure that you use appropriate spelling and grammar, as well as keeping things short. We recommend using bullet points to clearly spell out the skills you want in a candidate. Bullet points are also great for grabbing attention, as that is usually the first place someone will jump to when searching for a job. 

What will be the benefits at this particular workplace? Do you have an onsite gym? Do you have an onsite chef? Is there free parking? No matter how small you think a benefit may be, include it in the listing. You can never be sure what the candidate is looking for in their next career move! According to Forbes, 92% of Millennials identify flexibility as a top priority when job hunting. At 2XM Recruit, we have also noticed that candidates are seeking opportunities that allow them to work flexibly between the office and home.

A candidate needs to be able to envision the advantages and perks for working for you. If they are left feeling positive after reading the job description, then it is likely they will apply!

While money may not be the driving factor for every candidate, it is important! Do not worry if you are yet to finalise their salary –it is good to give a ballpark. A star candidate will have already researched the market, and what other positions of this kind will offer.

According to Seek job advertisements that include salary usually attract more candidates than those that choose to exclude it. The short answer: at least include a ballpark figure. 

At 2XM Recruit, we would love to hear about how your workplace tackles writing their job descriptions and attracting the right candidates for position openings. Contact us today!