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Top things employees look for in a new job

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Top things employees look for in a new job

What do you look for in a new job? Do you value flexibility and transparency? Do you prefer autonomy and feeling valued? Since the Covid-19 pandemic, employees are understanding more of what they value in a job. These factors are important for companies to consider as they can usually determine whether a job is right for a candidate. At 2XM Recruit, we have identified the top things that employees currently look for in a new role.

Transparency in the workplace

Employees want to work with transparent management. According to Forbes, adding transparency into the company policy means that everyone in the workplace is more inclined to practice honesty amongst their managers and peers. Transparency is usually created when appropriate avenues of communication are established for your employees, allowing them to voice their thoughts and concerns. Managers need to lead by example in order to create a culture where honesty and integrity is at the forefront of their workdays.


Work flexibility deviates from the traditional workplace model. An employee sees access to a flexible work environment as a way of increasing productivity, and it allows them to attend appointments as well as other commitments during the week while still meeting their contracted hours. Not only does this benefit the employee, but a flexible environment allows a company to hire talent globally. With the rise of communication tools, the hurdle of securing global talent is becoming less and less.

Leaders who prioritise learning and development

Employees are on the look-out for companies who invest in their staff and provide opportunities (where possible!) for employees to excel. Whether this be through encouraging additional study, or secondment opportunities, actively looking out for the career progression of employees is critical for potential candidates. Forbes notes that companies making investments in employee development is vital for strengthening teams, and it contributes strongly to the success of a business.


When was the last time someone in your organisation said thank you? How often do you feel like your contribution is valued at your current employer? Research shows that there is a huge impact on employees when they feel appreciated. It often drives motivation and productivity. Did you know that the first Friday in March is Employee Appreciation Day? Make sure you can show people you care this coming March.


Employees want to be engaged in their work. One of the top ways to ensure this is to allow them the autonomy to complete their job. By giving your employees freedom and control over their work, they are more likely to want to achieve organisational goals. While it is still vital that management oversees some of these decisions, the more responsibility you can give your employees, the better.

Work/Life balance

Maintaining a work-life balance is important for your health, wellbeing, relationships and work performance. We want to be as efficient as possible at work, so having a decent break from your job allows you to rest and recover well enough to ensure the best productivity during the day! While achieving work-life balance is challenging as our lives get busier, employees are more likely to work for an organisation that encourages it.

Mental health support

According to, approximately 45% of Australians aged between 16 and 85 will experience a mental illness at some point in their life. Therefore, if you are a manager or a supervisor in your workplace, it is highly likely that you will manage an employee with mental health struggles – whether it is disclosed or not. Because of this, it is more important than ever to provide a positive work environment for all employees. At 2XM Recruit, we offer all staff access to an EAP program whenever they need it to ensure that there is always an opportunity to speak out!

At 2XM Recruit, we try to understand what our future employees will want in their workplace. Recently, we have seen a need for an L&D Manager in our Australian team, and we are excited to announce that Rebecca La Manna joins the team. She will be instrumental in driving new people and development strategy across the business.

Tell us whether your workplace offers these key things. Let us know on our social media accounts.